Area 51 Uncensored

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By Myron Warach, Technical writer. Interests SETI, learning Python and machine learning, and playing computer chess. This article published September 13, 2021.

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The US Air Force wrote a 994 page report debunking the theories of Roswell UFOs and dead ET cadavers.

“The Roswell Report Fact versus Fiction In the New Mexico Desert”, by US Air Force, 1995

The project ‘Mogul’ balloon theory seemed reasonable when I originally published my post.

What’s New:

September 8, 2021 I found this interview.


This interview was created by the US DoD and posted to the US National Archives. Those are two credible entities.

The interview describes a local mortician’s direct and indirect involvement with the Roswell alien cadavers. He describes in detail a story that seems authentic.

Here are more details:

“W. Glenn Davis Interview, 11/19/1990”

“Creator(s): Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. Office of the Secretary. Office of the Administrative Assistant. Office of the Deputy for Security and Special Investigative Programs. Research Declassification Team. (1987 — ) (Most Recent)”

“Series : Moving Images Relating to “The Roswell Reports” Source Data Research Files, compiled 1946–1996"

Record Group 341: Records of Headquarters U.S. Air Force (Air Staff), 1934–2004"

I revisited the US Air Force 994 page report and searched for this keyword: ‘glenn’

I wanted to determine if the USAF report cross-referenced the US National Archive W. Glenn Davis video Interview.

The search result for ‘glenn’:

AF footnote, pdf page 76:

“A mortician who worked for the funeral home in Roswell. Glenn Dennis, says an Army nurse friend told him about participating in the autopsies of three alien bodies at the base.”


The US Air Force 994 page pdf does not cite the ‘W. Glenn Davis’ video Interview at all though in my opinion the interview has huge evidentiary value.

The footnote in the AF 994 page pdf to ‘Glenn Dennis’ (above) may be an AF typo or a deliberate misdirection because ‘W. Glenn Davis’ is the name of the mortician in the National Archives.

In the AF pdf the name differs: ‘Glenn Dennis’ in a footnote is not the same name as ‘Glenn Davis’. Are these the same? ‘W. Glenn Davis’ the mortician interviewed and ‘Glenn Dennis’ referred to in the AF Roswell pdf footnote.

The Roswell aliens saga continues.

The W. Glenn Davis video Interview in the National Archives is disturbing. Keep in mind the video was created by the DoD.

The video has enormous historical value and the mortician interviewed, W. Glenn Davis, seems unbiased in his descriptions of alien cadavers.

In my opinion, the interview makes it likely there were alien cadavers at Area 51.

Again, the US Air Force 994 page pdf does not cite the hugely evidential interview in the US National Archives.

This is the interview of the mortician W. Glenn Davis. I believe he is telling the truth about the alien cadavers.

Decide for yourselves if the mortician who had the local Air Force funeral home contract is telling the truth. The DoD would not have posted the interview to the National Archives if they thought what the mortician was saying was untrue.

W. Glenn Davis DoD interview:


Note: Many politicians, perhaps dozens of politicians, for the past few decades have told the public there was nothing at Area 51 other than military tests and balloons and flocks of birds.

Astronomers also will cringe at the facts about alien cadavers. Astronomers will not like to find out about aliens on or near Earth. They have their radio telescope budgets to preserve.

Added September 10, 2021

In my opinion, the US National Archive’s W. Glenn Davis video interview shows someone who is truthful and takes his responsibilities seriously.

I think W. Glenn Davis as a professional mortician doesn’t tell a lot of jokes or participate in lies or hoaxes. He is a serious man who seems to be a highly professional mortician. Part of his professional skills is to examine in detail cadavers.

In the video’s background, there were some people chatting and helping to create the video and questions they planned to ask. According to the text describing the video, they were working for the US DoD.

Towards the end of the video W. Glenn Davis asks the people helping to produce the recording if they can provide him tapes of the interview which he says he wants to give to his family members. That in itself is a indicator of his truthfulness.

There are probably at least a dozen people who were in the Roswell AF emergency room who could still verify the mortician’s story including base managers, guards, ambulance drivers, doctors, and nurses.

I wonder if a spacecraft was recovered. The mortician indicates one of the three aliens may have lived for awhile after the crash. That suggests a spacecraft might have partially survived the crash.

Almost certainly, people who worked at the AF base have high quality photos of the aliens and spacecraft. The medical doctors also probably saved biological samples taken from the aliens.

All or most of the people on the AF base probably heard the news about a spacecraft crash that contained alien cadavers. During the Nimitz incidents everyone on the ships heard about the sorties with the UAPs.

The Pres and members of US Congress get security briefings. The members of government say to the public there is no evidence of aliens.

Either the intelligence community is lying to them, or saying they have no need to know the facts about aliens which got the CIA director George Bush senior fired by Pres Carter, or the Pres and other members of government are lying to the public.

In my opinion, US Presidents know about the alien cadavers and don’t feel it is important enough to tell the public. However, when directly asked about aliens and they deny there is evidence they seem to be outright lying to the public.

Would information about the Roswell alien cadavers be included in governmental briefings? Was the US Congress recently briefed secretly about UAPs to provide members of Congress information about balloons or flocks of birds?