On The Corruption of Science Regarding UAPs

2 min readMay 25, 2021

By the SETI Nuggets Editor May 25, 2021

It may be that one or more federal agency has obstructed the release of scientific facts on UAPs. The existence of UAPs if manufactured by ETs not humans, answers the question: Are we alone in the universe?

Traditional precepts of science are being tested by ignorance and bias. Some people do not believe in climate change, others fancy it is wise not to wear a COVID mask and get vaccinated. School curricula will have to be overhauled and academic textbooks will have to be updated. UAPs that defy the laws of physics will require the laws of known physics to be changed.

As the truth is unbundled, we will see which agencies, if any, classified UAP facts hiding this information from the public.

The US Senate, DoD, NASA, and others have their rules on what can be classified, by whom, for what reasons, at what level of secrecy, by which marking formalities, (shades of Hillary — not marked as secret), and durations, etc.

Bottom line, if NASA has lied to the public about UAPs, perhaps for decades, in my opinion they have corrupted science for example physics, astronomy, SETI, and cosmology.

Is there life on other planets?


NASA: “Are we alone in the universe? So far, the only life we know of is right here on our planet Earth. But we’re looking.”

NASA: “How will we find life?” “Life might turn up in our own neighborhood: beneath the Martian surface, perhaps, or in the dark, subsurface oceans of Jupiter’s moon, Europa.”

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