Proof of Alien Cadavers at the Roswell crash in 1947, by the SETI Nuggets editor.

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By Myron Warach, Technical writer. Interests SETI, learning Python and machine learning, and playing computer chess. This article published October 1, 2021.

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Main source about Roswell:

The US Air Force wrote a 994 page report “debunking” the theories of Roswell UFOs and dead ET cadavers.

“The Roswell Report Fact versus Fiction In the New Mexico Desert”, by US Air Force, 1995.

USAF Roswell debunking pdf:

On this SETI Nuggets web page, if you scroll down below to the uppermost image from pdf page:

175 (191 of 994 USAF pdf), there is in the dialog a reference to a “grave digger” who was “in on the bodies”. That dialog is shown in the image below.

The full transcript starts on pdf page: 148 164 of 994). This is the specific page that talks about the “grave digger” and “bodies”: page 175 (191 of 994).

Separately, a 41 minute video interview of a Roswell mortician was created by the US DoD and posted to the US National Archives in 1987. It was classified secret from 1947 to 1987. Why was it classified? Because the base mortician was privy to and described the alien cadavers in the Roswell crash that occurred in 1947. This DoD interview was classified for forty years. I guess they were hiding something.


The mortician’s 41 minute video interview, and that person had the USAF Area 51 funeral services contract, was created by the US DoD and posted to the US National Archives. The mortician’s DoD interview was declassified in 1987 forty years after the Roswell incident occurred in 1947.

In all likelihood, the “grave digger” who MC referred to in the USAF pdf (below) was W. Glenn Davis (or Dennis) a mortician whose DoD video 41 minute interview about the alien cadavers is hosted by the US National Archives.

The initialized DoD people can be viewed on this pdf page: (148 164 of 994):


(Note: RW = Col Richard L. Weaver; SC = Sheridan Cavitt; MC = Mary Cavitt)

The mortician whose DoD interview about the alien bodies was referenced in the dialog (below) by MC. The dialog is on USAF Pdf page:

175 (191 of 994).

The full transcript starts on pdf page: (148 164 of 994).

Here is the text from page 175:

MC: Rich, it always seems funny to us with all these, if these things happened. How can 30 or even 3 people keep something a secret?

RW: Well, I would kind of like to know how they did it, because in my real job we handle all the Special Programs that do keep all the secrets. And we would like to figure out how they do it so we can duplicate it. Because it is very hard to keep secrets, as you well know.

MC: But you see, I am talking about civilians and other people who were in on these bodies going to the morgue and all that. (unintelligible) some grave digger from the funeral home or whatever.

RW: Well, of course, Randle and Schmitt do claim that those people are out there and that they have interviewed them. They list a whole bunch of them. Now, we’re not trying to go after them and undo every interview they had done. That is not our point. In first, you are the only person we have gone out and interviewed, because you’re always reputed to be the guy… one of the two or three people that was there picking up the stuff.

I think 1) the mortician’s DoD National Archive 41 minute video interview together with 2) the dialog about the “grave digger” being” in on the bodies” in the Air Force’s “debunking” pdf clearly proves, or at least highly substantiates, there were alien cadavers at the Roswell crash. The evidence: 1) USAF base mortician interview and the 2) MC individual in the AF dialog refers to recovered alien bodies.

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