SETI & AI Singularity

3 min readNov 11, 2020

By Myron Warach, Technical writer. Interests SETI, learning Python and machine learning, and playing computer chess. This article published Nov 11, 2020.

Are the research objectives of SETI and building a Singularity AI the same, different, or convergent?

SETI Objectives

1. Acquire knowledge from the future by leapfrogging the normal evolutionary increase in civilization’s knowledge.

The goal is to obtain an encyclopedia 1000 or 10000 years ahead of our own by detecting an ET signal. For example a beacon or a pulse that contains an encyclopedia from an advanced civilization.

2. Attempt to answer the question: Are we alone in the universe?

3. Likeliness of success is unknown and may be less than building a Singularity computer.

4. A signal may include direct historical and geographic information from the ET’s locale.

AI Singularity Objectives

1. Obtain knowledge by building computers that become smarter exponentially over time.

2. A Singularity computer can attempt to answer the question: Are we alone in the universe? However, this question has lower priority for a Singularity computer than for SETI.

3. A Singularity computer can provide guidance on SETI tasks.

4. A Singularity computer may indirectly discern historical and local geographic information from distant ET locales LYs away.

SETI & AI Singularity Convergence

Creating a Singularity computer enables civilizations to create their own ET equivalent. There may be little difference between information gained from a SETI signal or from a Singularity computer.

Are Singularity Computers and SETI Contact Dangerous?

Some notable people, for instance SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, have opined that a Singularity computer is likely a critical danger to human civilization. Thousands of high-tech software companies are working to develop a Singularity computer at maximum velocity.

A Singularity computer is physically closer in location to Earth than ETs perhaps LYs away.

Other researchers express their opinion that active SETI may be dangerous to Earth’s existence. They suggest that ETs may want to conquer Earth so it is better not to let them know we are here.

Interstellar Communication

Sending and receiving SETI communication tasks could be carried out between planet A and planet B, or at space locations A and B, by Singularity AIs, not by humans or their LGM counterparts.

A sending Singularity AI can communicate with a receiving Singularity AI perhaps starting by exchanging capabilities similar to an SSL handshake. One or both of the Singularity AIs may request access to a local 3-D printer to effectively travel from planet A to B at the speed of light.

One reason traditional SETI researchers using radio telescopes have not discovered ETs is that SETI signals may be highly encrypted.

An inbound SETI signal may be combined in layers. Layer 0 can be weakly encrypted. Layer 1 encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Layer 2 encoded requiring a quantum computer to decode that layer, and so on.

A multi-level encoding strategy can reduce the possibility that a rogue segment of an early-stage civilization with primitive cryptographic techniques can monopolize or exploit the data.

Decrypting highly encoded SETI data could be accomplished only by an advanced, peaceable, stable civilization eliminating what otherwise could be a race for SETI supremacy by nations and corporations.

Some Conclusions

  1. A Singularity computer may provide approximately the same information as a SETI signal in regard to the sciences.
  2. A Singularity computer will co-exist physically with Earth. ETs may be LYs away from Earth or they may be closer at hand.
  3. Discovering a SETI signal would be a more definitive way to answer the ‘Are we alone’ question.
  4. A SETI signal may be strongly encrypted, in multiple layers, to filter out rogue operations who may initiate a race for SETI supremacy for their purpose of exploiting incoming SETI data.


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